Studies support that the influence of online learning and video content grow business.

Expert Voice in partnership with a professor from the Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) unveiled a study of 63,000 sales associates showing knowledgable retail sales associates sell 87% more.

In this study, several other insightful statistics were discovered.

  • “Sales associates who completed as little as one module sold 69 percent more than those who didn’t. And associates who completed six or more modules sold 123 percent more than those who took none.”
  • “Sales associates who took one interactive course containing an average of three modules sold a full 9.5 percent more after taking the training.”

The Association for Talent Development found that on-demand learning yields 50% higher net sales per employee.

40% of IBM’s budget included training and lodging costs alone. Video training content cut nearly half of the cost of the training. In fact, IBM saved over $579 million over two years with video.