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Companies Yield Greater Gains Through Online Learning

Studies support that the influence of online learning and video content grow business. Expert Voice in partnership with a professor from the Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) unveiled a study of 63,000 sales associates showing knowledgable retail sales associates sell 87% more. In this study, several other insightful statistics were discovered. “Sales associates

Delivering Innovation Through Online Learning

OBG Releases Interactive and Comprehensive Module for Makeup Essentials Omni Beauty Group has designed an interactive and comprehensive online learning module, Makeup Essentials (MUE), which teaches employees and students color theory, sanitation, and tool selection. The courses offer specialized, expert practices that elevate industry principles. The students can submit their work via videos and photos

Eye Essentials

Can you even handle all the choices in eye shadow these days?  Aside from the amazing colors offered you can now choose matte, satin, shimmer, metallic, gloss, high shine, pigment and who knows what else!  Not to mention how many liner styles there are now: winged, cat, handles, graphics, smokey, smudged, tightlined, waterlined, uneven or

Brows are the New Black

Young, old, girl or boy you will find that everyone is a part of the perfect brow movement.  Insta-brows, feather brows, braided brows, colored brows, be-dazzled brows or sister brows are pushing cosmetic sales to new heights.  There are more brow products in the cosmetic aisles than there are lipsticks, well almost anyway! You have

Color Theory

There was a day when the customer walked away from the makeup counter looking like a raccoon from too much “white” concealer. This was an acceptable way to cover up dark under-eye circles and no one thought it looked crazy at the time. Well now we see customers walking away from the cosmetic counter looking

Makeup Essentials

Makeup Essentials is exactly what is is says, essential.  It’s mystifying why large corporations spend millions of dollars on product training when their team doesn’t even know how to color match! We once heard about a retail store who spent $3 million dollars on a 3 day training to learn how to sell cosmetics, yet