Can you even handle all the choices in eye shadow these days?  Aside from the amazing colors offered you can now choose matte, satin, shimmer, metallic, gloss, high shine, pigment and who knows what else!  Not to mention how many liner styles there are now: winged, cat, handles, graphics, smokey, smudged, tightlined, waterlined, uneven or sharp. How on earth is a customer supposed to process all of this without the help of a beauty associate or makeup artist. We know that product education is ever flowing from cosmetic companies, but what about how to apply or recommend these products? Everyone has seen one too many epic fails at the makeup counter.  A 60 year old women with crepey (no we did not say creepy) eyelids should not wear shimmer shadow! You have just highlighted every wrinkle that ever lived on her eyelid and made sure the entire world can see them! So friends, you can know a whole lot about product but if you don’t who it looks best on or how to apply it, well then you have lost out on a sale and your new customer.

Eye Essentials

Our comprehensive Eye Application program will facilitate how to properly service customers by equally assessing their wants and needs. The learner will know how to choose the correct cosmetic for their client and be able to properly create or correct an appropriate eye application.

Your team will learn:

  • Eye assessment
  • Product placement to enhance or correct
  • Appropriate styles
  • Color selection
  • Shadow and liner cosmetic texture and finish
  • Shadow and liner cosmetic ingredients
  • Cosmetic retailing

Learn more about our Eye Essentials online learning HERE.