What does every customer hoard in their makeup bag?  No, its not used Q-tips….but makeup brushes! Applicators went out the same time frosted blue eye shadow did. There was a time when you only saw Professional Makeup Artists with a set of brushes and specialty tools. Well friend there is a new makeup lover out there called the makeup enthusiast.  They don’t just put makeup on every morning to keep from scaring the neighbors. Nope, they actually enjoy the entire application process and having brushes makes it even more fun. Brushes can be mystifying to customers and maybe even a little intimidating. It is essential the customer takes home the right tools to replicate what the makeup artist or sales associate just applied at the store.  Otherwise, it is likely the customer will return their cosmetics because they feel they cannot achieve the same look.

Tools and Brushes Essentials

This comprehensive Tools and Brushes program will facilitate how to best utilize brushes during an application and how to suggest cosmetic brushes and tools for customers’ at home use. Learners will know the difference between a variety of natural hairs and a variety of synthetic hairs.  In addition, your team will know will know the appropriate tools to use and suggest to best compliment the cosmetic sale.

Your team will learn:

  • What brushes to use on each area of the face
  • Natural hair vs. synthetic hair
  • How to properly care for and disinfect your professional brushes
  • How to introduce different tools and brushes to your customer
  • Cosmetic retailing

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