Makeup artist applies colorful makeup. Fashion model woman with colored face painted. Beauty art portrait of beautiful model with colorful abstract makeup

There was a day when the customer walked away from the makeup counter looking like a raccoon from too much “white” concealer. This was an acceptable way to cover up dark under-eye circles and no one thought it looked crazy at the time. Well now we see customers walking away from the cosmetic counter looking yellow, striped and Neapolitan and somehow we have accepted this too.

One of the biggest challenges, and the most lucrative part of cosmetics, is foundation matching.  The cosmetic companies have finally decided that the entire foundation wearing population does not fall into 10 bottles. It’s more like 10,000 bottles. To accommodate all skin colors, undertones and values they have expanded the line to offer tints of green, red, blue, white, black  and yellow. They have also used the word “undertones” in their marketing. Customers are now aware of what it means to be cool, warm or neutral. The problem is not all beauty associates and makeup artists are adequately trained to 1) be more knowledgeable than the consumer and 2) know how to properly recommend products by demonstrating accurate color correction. It is essential that we get this right or our customer will return the products that made them look too orange, dark, pink, white or green. We are going to bet this is not a loss cosmetic companies want to incur.


Our comprehensive Color Theory program will facilitate how important color theory is to selecting the right product for your customer.  By introducing the color wheel, tints, tones and shades the learner will have the ability to select the proper concealer, color corrector,  foundation and contour/highlight for their client.

Your team will learn:

  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors
  • Tints, Tones and Shades
  • Undertones
  • Foundation Matching
  • Color Correcting
  • Contour/Highlight application
  • Fondation texture and finish
  • Foundation product solution
  • Foundation product ingredients
  • Cosmetic retailing

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